Sell Your HomeCommission Payment Reduction

CPR (Commission- Payment-Reduction) PROGRAM [FOR OUR LISTINGS ONLY]

If you list your home with us, under either the 1500 dollar program or the Traditional Commission Model, this program is available.

The Selling Side Of The Commission

If you provide us with information to contact a potential purchaser (and they have expressed an interest in having us contact them), before they have any contact with our office, then we will provide them with a free initial consultation as to the process and procedures involved in purchasing your home.

If they elect to purchase your home and decline our offer of help, then you will NOT PAY A SELLING SIDE COMMISSION.

If they elect to purchase your home but request our offer of help, you will PAY HALF OF THE SELLING SIDE COMMISSION AND WE WILL REIMBURSE THE BUYER, if they use our financing and closing services, for the COST OF THEIR HOME INSPECTION.

For example:

Assume that you have your home listed with our company for $500,000 dollars, under either model,( 1500 OR TRADITIONAL COMMISSION) and you have agreed to pay a SELLING SIDE COMMISSION of 2.5% or $12,500 dollars.

A potential buyer approaches you but wants an intermediary to help them with the process. They can go to another agent but you would be obligated to pay the entire 2.5% or $12,500 commission. If they agree to have us contact them, then you would call us with their information (prior to any contact that we would have with them). We would then reach out to them and provide a no cost consultation. If they elect to buy directly from you, without another agent, you would not be obligated to pay a SELLING SIDE COMMISSION. If they request that we help them and you approve, we will reduce the SELLING SIDE COMMISSION by one half, or in this instance, by $6,250. AND we would reimburse them for the cost of a home inspection of up to $500 dollars.

This program gives you more money in your pocket and/or more room to negotiate AND benefits the buyer with a $500 credit for a home inspection.

FOR A FULL PROGRAM DISCLOSURE: email or call 412-921-7100 ext.13

Note that programs cannot be combined without approval of the company.

Seller (C-P-R) Commission Payment Reduction Program