During a Sellers’ market, when demand is higher than supply, real estate agents often suggest to Sellers that they establish a date and time [deadline] by which all offers are to be submitted and then the Sellers can review and decide on whether they will choose one.

While in theory, this sounds like heaven for Sellers, it can alienate good viable buyers who do not wish be placed in a cattle cart and forced to wait for the “chance to buy” the house when other homes are coming on the market. Many buyers are becoming wise to this tactic and are submitting offers that must be accepted before the date of the deadline set for all offers to be submitted or the offer expires.

The National Association of Realtors has a rule that states all offers must be submitted within a reasonable time unless the Sellers waive that rule in writing. Therefore, unless your agent is not a member of NAR (and most are) or is breaking the rule, you are entitled to receive all offers. The question becomes, do you want to lose the opportunity to sell your home at a price that you find acceptable (after all, you can always say no) and have to continue with the selling process or would you like to hear all offers as soon as possible.