IN-HOUSE COMMISSION DIFFERENCE. This is seldom discussed and when it comes up, usually is presented as a benefit to Sellers. Well, not so much.

When a company has a policy of an in-house commission difference, and most do, this means that when you list your home for same with COMPANY ME and another agent from COMPANY ME, brings the buyer, then both of the agents receive MORE OF A COMMISSION, thank if an agent of another company, call it COMPANY YOU, brings the buyer. For example, instead of the agent who lists your home receiving a QUARTER OF THE COMMISSION, they (and the other agent from their same company) receive a THIRD OF THE COMMISSION.

So, this give the listing agent to give the Heisman (stiff arm) to agents from other companies who have clients that want to see your home. Those clients may be will to pay more for your home than others but may never get the chance to see your home because your listing agent gives the inside scoop to agents in their own company [even before you sign the listing contract] and then gives them access to see your home and present offers.

If I am the Seller, I want my home to be exposed to agents from ALL of the companies which are members of the local multi-list. That’s the point of the multi-list, to cooperate and share listings with all of the other members. Sellers should want to see that agents from OTHER COMPANIES are bringing clients before they accept an offer or obtain a written verification from the listing agent that no other agents desired to view the property. This could give you an opportunity for an UNFAIR CONSUMER PRACTICES CLAIM in the future if you find out that you could have sold your home for a higher price.