Buying A Home?

If you’re a buyer, there are programs frequently offered in which you can be reimbursed for costs which every buyer should have, such as the home inspection and survey. Additionally, Keith Eliou Real Estate Services often offers to pay other closing costs.

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“Buyers Checklist & Guide To Buying A House In An Around Allegheny County”

Home Buyers Checklist

This checklist and guide is not intended to be all inclusive but rather to give you a road map of how the typical residential real estate purchase flows. There are provisions for your notes in some place and you can use the margins to jot down reminders during your search.

Our suggestion is to purchase three (3) file folders. One to keep information about different properties in which you have an interest; another for the transaction documents relating to the home that you purchase, (such as the seller disclosure, agreement of sale, home and other inspections, final closing disclosure and title insurance policy) and a third for your documents needed for a mortgage application

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