Home Buyers(C-P-R) Commission Payment Rebate Program

If You Are Focused And Ready Or Need To Buy In The Next 3 Months, This Is The Program For You

If you have a general idea of the areas of interest to you, we can email you information about properties available. Under this program, you would pay an hourly rate however, upon closing, the commission paid by the Seller would be credited to you against your closing costs.

For example:

You engage us and pay for services by the hour. You ultimately find and close on a $500,000 house. The Seller has agreed to pay a 5% commission, of which, half would be paid to us as your agent (the selling agent for the buyer) or $12,500 dollars. You paid $3,500 for services rendered, much of which you can control. You get a credit for $9000 toward your closing costs.


FOR A FULL PROGRAM DISCLOSURE: email keith@keitheliou.com or call 412-921-7100 ext.13

Note that programs cannot be combined without approval of the company.

Buyer (C-P-R) Commission Payment Rebate Program For Hourly Rate Model